Indian Government Bans Bulk SMS, MMS for 15 days to stop rumours

India Government took  a drastic step today by banning Bulk SMS, MMS for next 15 days in the country. The step was taken after a reports of threatening SMS/MMS being sent to North Eastern students in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hydrabad, Pune and other cities, which in effect has led to mass departure of North Eastern people from certain parts of the country.

This Indiscriminate text messages, MMS, Social media posts and tweets have fueled the tension among North-East people in the country. Rumours of attacking people from the north-eastern states have triggered panic. Home ministry as a step to control the spread of rumours has banned sending bulk SMS and MMS in the country for 15days. “No one will be able to send more than 5 SMS  in one go and MMSes of more than 20 KB data through their mobile phones (CDMA/GSM) during the ban period.” said Mr. R.K. Singh Union Home Secretary.

The House expresses its serious concern at the feeling of persecution of our brothers and sisters of the North Eastern states, who are leaving various cities and returning to the North East.

The mischief mongers and anti-national elements behind the electronic campaign to create panic should be urgently investigated by the authorities,” the resolution read out by Chairman Hamid Ansari.

The resolution, passed by members of all parties, also stated, “This House appeals to all those, who are returning to North East, not to be misled by false rumours and to come back to their place of study or work. Their presence in various parts of the country promotes national unity.”

Govt has also warned that, people who are spreading rumours through SMS and online social media sites will be identified and punished.

Prime Minister quotes saying “This country belongs to them as to any one of us, and, therefore, as patriots, we must send out a message to all those who want to disturb peace and amity among various regions, among various communities that this House stands unitedly in support of all the people of the North East. That we will work together to give them a feeling of security, that we will work together to curb and effectively control all the elements who are out to create trouble on this very sensitive issue.”

The Govt decision will surely help to control the rumours from spreading further. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) will be implementing this SMS/MMS ban through telecom operators across pan India telecom circle.

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