Amidst the daylight robbery and confusions around the GST(Goods and Services Tax), here comes a rescuer, the GST Rate Finder App. The app is a ready reference for the current GST rates applicable over the goods and services throughout the country. Developed by CBEC(Central Board of Excise and Customs) Joint Director Sandeep Rawal, the app is currently available for android users and will release for iOS soon.

GST Rate Finder App Launched By Finance Ministry Of India

Briefing about the app, CBEC Chairperson Vanaja N Sarna said “We decided, we need an app of this kind which would be a ready reckoner for the public, for customers, for consumers, traders, students, anyone who wishes to have very handily (GST) rates available. So that, if you are in a market, a restaurant or anywhere else you can easily check what the (GST) rate is without having to go anywhere else.”

How to use this app?

  1. Download and install the app from Google play store.
  2. In the app, you will see three options (tax rates for goods, services and information link).
  3. Tap the search icon on the bottom and type the keyword or HSN(Harmonized System Nomenclature).
  4. Select the appropriate result to find the GST applicable on that service or goods.
    For example, if you want to look for GST on a footwear, type “footwear”. Match the details of your product with the result. You will find a footwear retailed under Rs. 500 is having 5 percent GST and others have 18 percent GST.

Sandeep Rawal got instructions to develop such an app to help common people. He came out with this idea overnight and consequently released the app within few days. This app is a reference list, which is almost 3 MB in size, can also be used offline. The results of the app may cause confusion, but the detailed description for each result clears it to an extent. However, we noticed that the app is currently available only in English, and adding more languages could help the public. Hope this article helps you to familiarise with this new GST Finder app. Peace!

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