If you’re among those who love to listen to news stories while on commute or TED talks for inspiration, then podcasts would be a part of your life. Making podcasts accessible and discoverable as easy as possible, search giant Google has launched a dedicated app for it, the Google Podcasts.

Currently available exclusively for Android devices, Google Podcasts app allows you to discover and listen to podcasts. The best part, the app uses Google’s AI power to offer personalized recommendations based on your listening habits. Thus, you would end up finding more podcasts especially based on your interest.

Google Podcasts app launched for Android

Google Podcasts has also been integrated with Google Assistant. This allows seamless and continued listening of podcasts from one device to another. For example, if you started listening to a podcast on phone during your commute from work to home, then you could simply resume it on Google Home while at home.

Google Podcasts app features
  • Discover, subscribe and listen to any podcast for free.
  • Resume listening to the same podcast on multiple devices without losing your place.
  • Find new podcasts using Google Search App and the Google Assistant.
  • Personalized recommendations based on your listening habits and interest.
  • Control podcasts for faster playback speeds or skip over silence.

Google has also announced a partnership with industry experts to improve diversity in podcast creation. Podcast creators can follow the developer guidelines to get their podcasts included in the Google Podcasts app, thus reaching a broader audience.

Google also plans to use its AI expertise to further enhance the app.  Such as the speech-to-text technology to build new features like automatic subtitling, which is especially helpful if you’re listening to a podcast in a noisy area. Also, with the help of Google Translate integration, this automatic subtitling could be made available in a wide variety of languages. Thus essentially making your podcasts reach more and more users.

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