To take on the mighty Apple music, Google has launched unlimited free music streaming radio service under Google Play Music with of course ad-support. Currently the music service is restricted to U.S region and expected to launch in more countries in the coming months.

Google Play Music ad-supported radio music streaming service is powered by Songza, the music curation service that Google acquired back in 2014. One can listen to pre-curated playlists or radio stations like Kishore Kumar Radio, A R Rehman radio where they can listen to a collection of songs from the artist or genre. Users can browse curated stations by genre, mood, decade or activity, or can search for their favorite artist, album or song to create a station of similar music.

As it’s a radio streaming service, you can’t specifically choose an album or songs, but will need to selected any of the curated playlist. Another restriction is that you can only skip six songs per hour.

The free music streaming service is already live on Google Play Music website and will be available on Play Music Android and iOS mobile app in the coming weeks.

How to get Google Play Music radio streaming in India

So you are looking a way to access the Google Play Music streaming service from outside US, like in India where the service has not launched yet. You are on luck, here is a simple way to access the free music streaming service from anywhere in the world. For this you may need a trusted US-based proxy or VPN (i suggest you buy one from a trusted source). Just login to Google Play Music with your Google account through this proxy servers. Once the service is enabled, you can remove the proxy and freely access Google Play Music from anywhere in the world.

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