A simple user interface that’s fun to use and basically that works – is what we experienced while trying out the new Gaana 3.0 app for mobile devices. India’s popular online music streaming provider Gaana (Gaana.com) has brought its refreshing new design from the web to its mobile apps that’s offers lots of unique features and advanced music experience.

The new version 3.0 of Gaana mobile app brings in an new look and feel providing cluster free music experience. It ports most of the advanced features from Desktop web version to the mobile app. Here also the search interface getting more prominent position on top and become much faster offering users to easily search for songs, artists and albums from a large collection of over 2 million songs. The available music catalogue is spread across Bollywood, International and Regional spanning 84 languages and multiple genres.

Gaana Mobile App V 3.0

On start the mobile app offer users with a general user interface that provides navigation to new album releases, top charts, editor’s picked playlist collection, discovery section, online radio stations – mainly radio mirchi and gaana radio. It also offers a endless stream of hundreds of users created playlist and professionally programmed radio streams.

The new Discover Section in the app showcases handpicked picked playlists to suit every mood, occasion and genre, be it romance or dance, happy or sad, party or devotional. It includes songs from around eight languages – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Punjabi.

The pre-programmed radio streams named Gaana Radios features popular Radio Jockeys’ bytes, Celebrity favourites and loads of curated music. In addition Gaana offers a personalised ‘One Touch Radio‘ which plays continuous music based on a user’s music taste and the recommendation improves as user listens more on the service. The app also streams four non-stop radio stations from Radio Mirchi playing Hindi and English songs.

Gaana brings the Refreshing new Design and advanced Music Experience to Mobile Apps

For logged-in users, the app brings deep integration with social networks that enables the users to not only discover new music through friends but to form a stronger bond with friends with similar music tastes. Under Favorites section users can discover contents loved and tagged by them under their account. It keep tracks of all songs user discovered on Gaana – on the web version and mobile version.

The song playing section offers a clean interface way similar to Google Play Music along with iOS button structure. It allow quick addition to user favorite section, user playlist and to start a radio section. The only part we feel wrong about the app is that it won’t rotate to landscape mode, it just stays sticky to the portrait mode. Obviously this can be corrected with an update.

Gaana + Subscription Model

Gaana also offers a subscription based model called ‘Gaana+‘, where users can download the songs within the app for offline listening. In addition users subscribing to Gaana+ will get to listen the highest quality audio (320kbps) for a song and the overall app will be 100% ad free.

Gaana + Subscription Model

Gaana is charging around INR 125 ($1.99) for one month of Gaana+ subscription for Indian users and INR 250 ($3.99) per month for users outside India.

The new updated Gaana 3.0 app is available for free download on iOS devices from Apple iTunes store and on Android devices from Google Play store.

Have you tried the new Gaana? let us know how you feel using it.

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