First words – Gaana now just on target with a better music experience, clean user interface and better navigation. India’s popular online music streaming provider Gaana ( has reinvented itself with a new look and advanced music experience. The web app now uses advanced HTML5 responsive design perfected for desktop, mobiles and tablets.

With the launch of Gaana version 3.0, it has overhauled itself to a new look and feel providing cluster free music experience. The clean UI has brought the most wanted aspects up-front for quick access. With search bar getting more prominent position on top, users can easily search for songs, artists and albums from a large collection of over 2 million songs. The available music catalogue is spread across Bollywood, International and Regional spanning 84 languages and multiple genres.

Gaana gets Refreshing new Design and advanced Music Experience

The navigation has been re-engineered with categories and sections. Instead of older plain links on side, now it has been categorized to sections like Browse – which provides instant access to New Releases under eight languages, browse through Genres, Albums, Artists and Playlists. One of the interesting aspect is that you can go through custom users build playlists discovering the music taste of hundred of users.

The Discover section provides the most popular Songs, Artists, Albums and Playlists over a period of time (you can choose between one day, weeks, months and all time popular) under eight languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Punjabi. The pre-programmed radio streams named Gaana Radios features popular Radio Jockeys’ bytes, Celebrity favourites and loads of curated music.

Apps section provides access to some interesting things under Gaana which was earlier buried under old UI. Under it users have access to around six no-stop radio stations from Radio Mirchi playing Hindi and English songs. The SingAlong which is basically a karaoke application offers karaoke of the songs currently been played.  Also Zoom – MyPlaylist build by famous Indian TV channel Zoom, offers popular and interesting playlist on your favorite actors/actress. My Favorites section offers contents loved and tagged by users under their account. It keep tracks of all songs user discovered on Gaana.

Gaana Version 3.0 HTML5 responsive Design

In addition Gaana 3.0 boasts thousands of editorially curated playlists, professionally programmed radio streams and a host of social and personalization features. Deep integration with social network enables the users to not only discover new music through friends but to form a stronger bond with friends with similar music tastes.

Ready to experience music in the most advanced way, head over to Ganna ( and tell us about your experience.

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