India’s most popular online shopping destination Flipkart has announced an Android app for there Flyte MP3 store, now users can buy MP3 songs directly on your Android mobile phone.

Flyte MP3 app lets users to Buy and Listen to MP3 Downloads from Android phone. The Flyte MP3 app makes available the same rich collection of MP3 Tracks and Albums that is available on The app has an inbuilt MP3 player to play the songs purchased, it also have an option to download the songs right inside the app for offline listening. For using this app you need a Flipkart account and also loaded balance on your Flipkart wallet.

Flipkart Flyte MP3 Store Now Available as an Android App
  • Load your wallet and keep buying songs – Users need to load there Fliplkart wallet with adequate currency by logging through Flipkart website and buy Albums/Tracks instantly.
  • Buy anywhere and download anywhere – No matter where you buy, through the Flipkart website or through the Mobile app, users purchases are added to your MP3 library, from where they can download anywhere.
  • Listen offline – The download tracks are available to play offline, when there is no internet connection.
  • Users can set the preferred bitrate for download from the users Flipkart Accounts. If the track is available in the preferred bitrate, the track is downloaded in the appropriate bitrate. Otherwise the system gets the best available bitrate.

Its one of the main initiative from Flipkart, making the MP3 store available as android app lets it reach more users and also increase users tendency to purchase songs directly from their mobile. Spice up your mobile with Flipkart’s Flyte Mp3 app that’s available for free to download from Google Play.

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