With political parties campaigning going full swing during the upcoming assembly polls in Kerala, the Election Commission of Kerala has launched a mobile application – e-Voter Kerala, offering citizens with all voting and candidate-related details at their fingertips.

The e-Voter Kerala app offers comprehensive details of candidates along with their affidavit, the location of polling stations, election history of Kerala and most importantly voters can also fill in complaints regarding the election.

Developed by Kerala State Information Technology Mission, the app aims to bring greater transparency to the whole election process, as well as help in conducting a free and fair election.

Kerala Election Commission launches 'e-Voter Kerala' Mobile App

Going through the app features, the ‘know your candidate‘ option offers the complete list and details of candidates by their constituency. Voters can also know the affidavit submitted by their candidates. The ‘constituency list‘ offers a complete picture of a constituency with segment wise details of voters like the number of male voters, female voters, the total number of voters and total polling stations.

One major highlight of the app is, any voter can file grievances of any wrong doing happening during the election and Election Commission will directly look into it.

e-Voter Kerala app is currently only available for Android devices and can be downloaded from Google Play store.

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