Google plus (+) is only around a month now and its gaining immense popularity in the web world. People are just searching every where and trying everything to get a invitation and get there hands on the new social networking site from the search engine giant Google.

Now to showcase on your site and blog that you have a Google plus account and increase your followers , Google has provided a profile button creator. Using this profile button creator, you can create cool Google+ profile buttons of different size and also easily link the button to your author page or content page. You have the option to choose size of the button from .

Google plus Profile Button creator
Google plus Profile Button creator page

For creating your profile button you just need to put your profile url into to the respective field and it will generate you the HTML code you need to put in your site. For getting your profile url correctly just login to your Google account and then go to and you will get your profile link.

It seems Google is really looking forward to try and add many cool things to make Google plus a big succes, beating facebook and ultimately dominating the entire social media.

I have already generated mine, so go and get yours, hope Google will add more colorful buttons to choose from in near future. Do comment what you think on this cool feature on Google.

LinkGoogle Profile Button Creator

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