Updated at February 4, 2017:

BSNL has now published the detailed tariff for its limited Fixed Mobile Telephony. As per the tariff, you can avail the service at zero monthly cost.  Call charges would be as per your current broadband/landline tariff. So, if you have opted for unlimited free voice plan on landline then you can enjoy free unlimited calls from the app.

FeaturesRates and Benefits
Fixed Monthly chargesNo Fixed Monthly charges for Limited Fixed Mobility Service
Call ChargesNew/existing Broadband CustomersAs per Basic / Broadband combo plan opted
Rental for static IPNIL
Data ChargesData counted in BSNL broadband usage and part of broadband plan


Our original story from Saturday, February 4, 2017, follows:

If you remember, ten months ago government owned telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) launched its ingenious Fixed Mobile Telephony (FMT) service. Exclusively available for BSNL landline and broadband customers, the service allowed subscribers to make calls from their BSNL wired landline through their mobile phone using an app. FMT service even allowed users on roaming in India and abroad to connect their landlines through mobile and make calls through them.

This whole setup may have saved a lot of the hefty ISD charges, especially when you are overseas. But BSNL’s plan hit a road block when private telecom operators opposed the service. The service has put on hold within days of the launch and from that day BSNL was touting to bring the service back in a new way.

Well, that day has come, BSNL has relaunched the Fixed Mobile Telephony service, but in a very limited way. Instead of allowing users to connect to their landlines for making calls while on roaming in India and overseas, the operator has restricted the service within the users home premises. That basically means you can use the service only when you are at home or in close proximity with the BSNL broadband WiFi connection.

BSNL relaunches Fixed Mobile Telephony service with Limited Features

Under FMT service a fixed telephone connection will be installed on your mobile phone using a mobile app. You will get a separate telephone number exclusive to use with this service. Once you have connected the app with your BSNL broadband WiFi connection, you will be able to receive and make voice calls from the app through your fixed telephone or VoIP. The service will only work when connected with the BSNL broadband WiFi connection, as it won’t be linked to any mobile operator or customer SIM.

What’s the use of that? It’s especially useful for BSNL landline and broadband customers who can avail the low landline tariffs for making voice calls. Even you can make use of the free calls available with BSNL landline on Sundays and night time. If you are subscribed to the new Rs 1199 broadband Combo ULD plan then you can enjoy the unlimited free voice calls to anywhere in India to any network. Landline subscribers may also find it more convenient as they can use the mobile to fetch the contact details and dial a number instead of using the traditional land phone.

BSNL Fixed Mobile Telephony service

  • FMT mobile app based service using BSNL broadband WiFi connection.
  • A separate telephone number will be provided with the FMT service.
  • Turns your mobile phone into a cordless device within the home premises. Connected to landline through the mobile app to receive and make voice calls.
  • Customers can avail low landline tariffs of BSNL like free calls on Sundays and night time calling.
  • Convenient of using your mobile phone contacts and logs.
  • Better voice quality and better connectivity where mobile signal strength are poor.
  • FMT service is independent of any mobile operator or customer SIM.
  • Service available exclusive for existing and new BSNL broadband customers pan India.

To avail the FMT service you will need a BSNL landline or broadband connectivity. The service will be provided as add-on service to the broadband plan. When subscribing to this service you will also get a separate telephone number. All voice call charges through FMT service will be as per the charges of your landline connection.

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