Alongside the real mighty full-fledged Android 11 mobile operating system, Google has now also launched a watered-down version of the latest Android release, the Android 11 (Go Edition). This special edition of Android is meant for low-cost or budget-friendly entry-level devices which comes with up to 2GB of RAM.

This time around Google has bumped up the spec sheet for Android 11 (Go Edition), as previous Android Go Edition updates were for devices with up to 1.5GB RAM. With minimum memory requirement going up to 2GB, apps will launch 20 per cent faster and improve multitasking, where you could run three to four more apps in the background. This devices also come with up to 900 MB of additional free storage space.

Android 11 Go Edition launched

Android 11 (Go Edition) Features

  • Android 11 (Go Edition) is a super-light OS, built for smartphones with less than 2 GB of RAM.
  • Apps can launch up to 15 per cent faster than the previous Android (Go edition).
  • You will get 270 MB extra memory that allows you to do multitasking like run more apps and games at the same time.
  • Additional 900 MB storage on devices for your photos, videos and apps data.
  • Conversations: Android 11 (Go Edition) also gets the new conversation space from Android 11. Now all your messages and conversations are moved to a dedicated space. Thus making it easy to respond and control your conversations across multiple messaging apps from a single spot. You can also priorities conversations that you don’t want to miss and opt to mute those conversations that get you distracted.
  • One-time permissions: Android 11 (Go Edition) allow you to grant single-use permission for the mic, camera or location with one-time permissions option. Thus, next time you use the app, it must ask for permission again.
  • Permissions auto-reset: Another addition is the permissions auto-reset option, that will rest permission for apps that you haven’t used in a while. You can always choose to re-grant the app permissions the next time you open the app.
  • Gesture-based navigation: Android 11 (Go Edition) adds the gesture-based navigation found in Pixel devices. With gestures and swipes, you can go to the home screen, navigate backwards, and fluidly switch between apps.
  • Files by Google: The file manager app from Google gets “Safe Folder” feature. It protects your files from being opened or accessed by others by storing them in a 4-digit PIN-encrypted folder.

According to Google, Android 11 (Go Edition) will be available only to newer Android with 2GB RAM and not as an updated to the existing Android (Go Edition) phones. So we now end with two Android (Go Edition), the Android 10 (Go Edition) and Android 11 (Go Edition).

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