It’s called competition, when India’s second largest telecom operator Vodafone India slashed the 2G mobile internet data charges by 80%, how can India’s top telecom operator go without noticing it. Bharti Airtel gone one step further and slashed the rates for 2G mobile internet data by around 90%, currently only for prepaid customers. Who got the benefit? Us the subscribers of this two telecom giants, who now only need to pay less on surfing.

The reduced data rates would be applicable to three 2G data recharge vouchers, where the post free usage or volume based charges (VBC) has been reduced to 1 paisa per 10 KB from the earlier 10 paisa per 10 KB. The 2G data vouchers include Rs 22 with usage limit of 125 MB, Rs 25 with usage limit of 150MB and Rs 125 with usage limit of 1 GB. The post free usage for the above 2G mobile internet plans will be charged 1 paisa per 10 KB.

After Vodafone, Airtel Slashes 2G Mobile Internet Data Charges by 90% to 1p/10KB

In addition Airtel has extended the validity of these data vouchers, following which Rs 22 and Rs 25 voucher will have a validity of 30 days and Rs 125 voucher will be valid for three months (90 days).

Looking at the increasing number of mobile internet users in both urban and rural areas, the reduction in rates is further going to boost the usage of mobile internet,” says a Airtel Press release

The new 2G data rates and vouches is currently active in two telecom circles Punjab and Haryana and only applicable for prepaid customers. Postpaid customers still need to the pay the old data charges while accessing internet on their phones. It’s excepted the Airtel will roll out this new reduced 2G data rates pan-India in a phased manner.

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