Still, not convinced whether to get Netflix and Chill? Well, the online streaming giant is now offering limited free access to select Netflix original movies and TV Series. With the free access, you could watch several full movies with all language options and subtitle, while can stream the first episode of any available TV series. The best part, you don’t need to create an account with Netflix to enjoy this offer.

Some of the movies and TV shows currently being streamed for free on Netflix include – Stranger Things, Elite, Boss baby, When they see us, Love is Blind, Our planet, Grace and Frankie, Bird Box, Murder Mystery and The two popes.

Watch Netflix Original Movies and TV Series for Free

How to watch free movies and TV shows on Netflix

To watch select movies and TV shows on Netflix for free, even without creating an account, just point your web browser or mobile browser to

As you may have guessed, this feature is only accessible through a desktop or laptop (Windows, Mac or Linux OS) web browser and Android mobile browser (iOS browsers are not supported). You don’t need to register or sign up to watch these movies or TV shows. Just choose the movie or TV shows available there, press play button and start streaming.

This special page on Netflix will list all available free content including select Netflix Originals, documentaries, movies and TV shows. As for movies and documentaries, you can stream the full video content in all available language options and subtitles. However, for TV shows, only the first episode is available to stream free.

The best part, the movies and TV show list, will be changing from time to time. So each time you visit that particular landing page on Netflix you’d up with a new movie or TV show to watch.

Finally, once you’re convinced, enough with Netflix movies and TV shows trove, you can signup for an account and start chilling.

Netflix is trying all its efforts to reach all range of people. Recently, the streaming giant added its first India localised version of its user interface – Hindi. A few weeks back, it started testing an affordable Mobile plus plan priced at Rs 349 per month. Under this plan, you could stream all the TV shows, Movies and Documentaries in Netflix in high definition or HD on a mobile screen as well as in a bigger desktop/laptop screen.

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