Updated at July 20, 2020:

There has been an update regarding the Netflix Mobile+ Plan, which is not fully rolled out and it’s currently being tested among a selected number of users/visitors. So, you may or may not able to subscribe to this plan until Netlfix officially rolls out the plan to the public.

We launched the Mobile Plan in India to make it easier for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy Netflix. We want to see if members like the added choice this offer brings. We’ll only roll it out long-term if they do,” said a Netflix spokesperson to data reign.

Our original story from Monday, July 20, 2020, follows:

Want to binge-watch all the exclusive TV shows or Movies on Netflix in your closed comfortable space the mobile or PC, and that too in high definition? Well, the world’s leading OTT streaming platform is adding another value-added plan for its customers in India – the Mobile+ plan. An upgrade over the existing mobile-only plan, this new mobile plus plan offers HD streaming support and additional stream support for the computer.

Netflix Mobile+ plan is priced at Rs 349 per month. Under this plan, you could stream all the TV shows, Movies and Documentaries in Netflix in high definition or HD. It still only supports streaming on one device at a time like the mobile plan but, offers the option to watch on phone, tablet or computer. So, it lets you stream in a slightly bigger screen from your mobile to a PC, laptop or computer.

Streaming on TV is not included, for that you need to upgrade to the standard plan.

Netflix Mobile plus premium subscription plan

Netflix Mobile+ Rs 349 plan

  • Stream on one device at a time – mobile, tablet (android and iOS) or computer (PC/laptops/Mac).
  • Access to High Definition (HD) quality video content.
  • Monthly premium subscription of Rs 349
  • Allow downloading of video content for offline viewing (on mobile/tablet).
  • No stream access on SmartTVs, FireTV or Chromecast (can’t cast from mobile device to TV).

The Netflix Mobile plus plan is defiantly an upgrade over the Mobile plan, which restricts stream to phone or tablet. I would prefer the Mobile+ plan as it would allow me to stream on mobile or computer/laptop in the comfort of my desk or bed. There is a money-saving side too – instead of opting for the standard plan which would cost Rs 649 per month, you now only need to shell out Rs 349 per month for HD stream and watch on computer option.

Yet, if you want to stream it over the big TV screen, then you would need to opt for the existing basic, standard or premium plans. These plans are priced at Rs 499, Rs 649 and Rs 799 respectively. In these plans, you would get to stream Netflix in HD and Ultra HD.

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