Crazy about gaming? time to catch up with all trailers, walkthrough, live streams and other gaming videos. Going head-to-head against Twitch, Google’s YouTube has launched YouTube Gaming for gamers and game lovers, available on the web, Android and iOS.

YouTube Gaming - anything and everything on Gaming

YouTube Gaming offers a single destination for anything and everything on gaming. It will bring every gaming related videos and live streams directly from YouTube. You will get personalised gaming recommendations based on the games and channels you follow on YouTube. On web YouTube Gaming offers a completely new experience from normal YouTube web page, even if the interface remaining the same. One can easily find the ‘Trending Games’ on left side menu and ‘featured gaming channels’ on the right side menu. It’s a great way to know if there is a gaming event or competition happening for a particular game.

For gamers, YouTube Gaming offers an easier way to connect with gaming community. They can quickly create a gaming live stream with YouTube newly improved YouTube stream . If gamers already got a gaming channel running on YouTube, they can easily import them to YouTube Gaming with just a click.

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