After the famous Do a barrel roll Easter Egg, Youtube has brought some awesome Easter Eggs during the Geek Week, a celebration of all things geek. From the geeky retro style on the whole Youtube, along with playing Missiles Command to save the video you are watching and a Jedi-style control over the page elements. Let’s digg into this Easter Eggs one-by-one –

Geeky Retro Style

Turn the beautifully designed Youtube portal to a geeky retro styled ASCII based designed. With every element on the page becoming just like the old computer command screen and you can still navigate around as it has all features that of the original Youtube layout. To achieve this just use a ‘/’ in front of any search term on Youtube or click here if you are lazy.

Youtube Geeky Retro Style

But the retro design gets changed to original, once you click through any individual videos.

Star Trek and Star Wars

Are you a Star Wars fan then you will like it, just type in use the force luke on to the search bar and enjoy the power to command the page in the Jedi-style and while typing beam me up scotty the video list showing up in Star Trek Style.

Missile Command

Let’s take weapons and our mission is to save the video we are watching. First just click on any white screen around the video and type in 1980 while watching the video. Just be sure you are not typing on the search bar. Want some intense action type in 2300 and start playing the Missile Command.

Be aware if you fail, then the video will be destroyed by the heavy missile attack.

Youtube Missile Command


A mathematical sequence (Wikipedia) build straight into Youtube search results by just typing in ‘Fibonacci‘ (click here)on to the search bar. The search result page will arrange the video in the mathematical symbol of spiral.

My Little Pony

Type in and search for ponies or bronies or any funny character from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and enjoy the cute characters running around the video list along with changed top bar color.

That’s it for now, enjoy the Easter Egg and if you find more of them just ping us on that.

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