Xiaomi is always good in changing tactics based on customer demands. They have managed to stay among the top five players in the Indian market. This is evident from their success rate analysis by International Data Corporation(IDC). But you don’t need to mess with Indian buyers who think smarter, let’s see why.

The Redmi 4 Sale

Xiaomi launched the Redmi 4 series in India in May 2017, with 3 variants. The specification of the three variants was same except for internal storage and RAM. These were 16GB/2GB, 32GB/3GB, 64GB/4GB with price quotes Rs 6,999, Rs 8,999, and Rs 10,999 respectively. These devices were listed in the usual flash sale model via Amazon India.

Xiaomi Lists Redmi 4 64GB On Open Sale Following Lesser Demand

Even though the numbers reported in the sale were huge, we could see only the 16GB/2GB variant getting claimed quickly. The 32GB/3GB variant remains partially claimed and the 64GB/4GB variant almost remains unclaimed when the flash sale duration is over. This phone is so good, so what could have gone wrong with the two higher variants. The answer is plain and simple, customers are wise and selective nowadays.

The Hybrid Jugaad

These devices come with hybrid SIM slot, which allows you to add up to 128GB external storage. However there is a catch, you can either use two SIMs or one SIM and microSD card. So a regular person would choose to use either 2 SIMs together or a SIM and SD card. But someone will always come up with a cheap and intelligent solution to such issues, a hybrid SIM slot adapter in this case. With this, you can use 2 SIMs and an SD card simultaneously in one device with a mere extra budget of Rs 250. So who would spend 2K to 4K extra for the internal storage? may be those who require the extra RAM. But for the extra money, Xiaomi’s Note 4 is always a better choice with larger screen estate and improved specifications. Even for the Redmi Note 4, the simple Jugaad comes handy.

The Game Changer

For the ongoing sale, the damage is already done and taken. So Xiaomi decided to put the Redmi 4 64GB into open sale in Mi.com and Amazon. This gives customers more time to get confused. Moreover the upcoming phone Redmi Note 5A is said to feature a SIM tray with a dedicated microSD slot. They might have learned something from the previous sales. Talking about Redmi Note 4, it is reported the highest shipped smartphone in a single quarter in the Indian smartphone history. With new devices coming, Xiaomi is pushing the sales of RN4 with open sale mode and quoting Nougat update as a selling point. Hope you enjoyed the article, Peace!

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