Looking for a smarter router that you can control with your smartphone, have a larger operational range and get Wi-Fi signal anywhere at home. Xiaomi has launched its smart Wi-Fi router, the Mi Router 3C in India. On a quick glance, the Wi-Fi router features real-time monitoring via the paired mobile app, high-performance antennas, 300Mbps speeds and 80m Wi-Fi range.

Packing all the smart features, the Mi Router 3C is priced at Rs 1,199. The Wi-fi router will be available through Flipkart, Amazon, Mi.com and from Mi Home store in Bengaluru. The first sale for the Mi Router 3C will happen on 20th May 2017.

Design and Hardware

Just like any router you see in the market, the Mi Router 3C got a similar sleek design. The Wi-Fi router is equipped with four antennas which are built from high-quality copper and PCB material. Out of the four antennas, two are transmitting and two are receiving antennas. This allows the Wi-Fi router to have wall penetrating range of 80 meters. Also, you get an increase in the Wi-Fi operating range and can get a stronger signal in your home or office.

The Mi Router 3C runs on 2.4GHz single frequency that supports up to 300Mbps with 802.11n. Under the hood, the Wi-Fi router is powered by a MediaTek MT7628N chipset, coupled with 64MB of DDR2 RAM, and 16MB of onboard storage. It uses dual ROM partition system that can receive the latest firmware updates on schedule – even if an unexpected power outage occurs. Lastly, you can easily connect up to 24 devices like mobiles, laptop etc with the Wi-Fi router at once. You can also connect up to 64 IoT devices like Mi Air Purifier and other smart devices at your home with the router.

  • 802.11n, 2.4GHz 2X2 (speed up to 300Mbps).
  • 2.4GHz operating frequency.
  • Four antennae – 2-transmit and 2-receive antennas.
  • 80 meters Wi-Fi range.
  • One LAN input port and two LAN output port.
  • MT7628N processor with 16MB NorFlash ROM and 64MB DDR2 RAM.
  • Connect up to 64 devices.

Smart features

Coming to the smart features, Mi Router 3C comes with Mi Wi-Fi app available for both Android and iOS devices. With the app installed, you can virtually control the router from anywhere, anytime. The network management tool allows you to remotely monitor and manage your Wi-Fi. You can block unwanted content using parental controls, prioritise application bandwidth through Quality of Service (QoS) and set time limits on child internet usage. You can even boost Wi-Fi speed that can reduce your bandwidth bottlenecks and offers uninterrupted connection.

  • Real-time monitoring of home or office internet usage.
  • View upload and download bandwidth.
  • Live stats of all connected devices.
  • Guest sharing feature – can generate unique Wi-Fi log-in for friends, thus keeping the master password secure.
  • Wi-Fi boost – Intelligently sets Wi-Fi channel to optimise internet connection.

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