Xiaomi has finally brought their smart body composition scale to India. Launched back in 2017 as Mi Scale 2, this device received lots of positive response around the globe. This is the second smart fitness gadget launched in India by Xiaomi following the three Mi Band editions. So let us find out what makes this scale different from normal weighing scales.

Mi Body Composition Scale Intro

As mentioned earlier, this not just any weighing scale that measures only your body weight. The Mi Body Composition Scale can give a complete insight of your body fitness. It measures up to ten data points including the weight to give a realistic picture of your health and fitness.

Mi Body Composition Smart Scale

These measurements include Muscle Mass, BMI, Bone Mass. Weight, Body Fat, Visceral Fat, Stay Motivated, Basal Metabolism, Body Score, and Water. You can store, analyze, compare and share these measurements from Mi Scale with the help of Mi Fit app and Mi account.

  1. BMI(Body Mass Index): Measure of body fat based on height to weight ratio.
  2. Body score: Overall evaluation of body composition.
  3. Body fat: Actual weight of fat in the body.
  4. Muscle mass: Weight of muscle in the body.
  5. Water: Total amount of fluid in the body expressed in percentage.
  6. Basal metabolism: Minimum level of energy required to keep your body functioning at rest.
  7. Visceral fat: Fat in the core abdominal region, surrounding your organs.
  8. Bone mass: Weight of bone mineral in the body.
  9. Weight: Estimate of overall body mass.
  10. Stay motivated: Inspiration for weight goal journey by consistently comparing with other users.
Specs of Mi Body Composition Scale

It is made from ABS and has a sleek design measuring just 300mm x 300mm x 20mm and weighing 1.6Kg. It can measure weights in the range of 5-150Kg with up to 50g precision. The display is usually hidden and will light up when you step on it for 3 seconds giving clear readings based on the ambient light.

The scale can also sync with your Mi account via the Mi Fit app installed on your phone using Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. It can detect each family member and stores up to 16 user profiles. The scale can operate up to 8 months in an ambient temperature of 0-40 degrees using just 4xAAA batteries.

Working of Mi Body Composition Scale

The Mi Body composition scale uses Bioelectrical impedance analysis(BIA) for estimating the body composition. That means it measures the electrical impedance of your body tissue and then uses it to make an estimate of the data points. The scale has stainless steel electrodes which pass a small current to measure the bioelectrical impedance of your body. Using this measurement, the scale then estimates your body composition with the help of complex algorithms.


Since the mechanism of BIA passes a small current in the range of 1-10 µA through the body, the scale is not advisable for individuals with electrical implants like pacemakers. Moreover, the measurements may not be completely accurate and varies for athletes, pregnant women and specially-abled people. Presently, you can purchase the Mi Composition Scale from Mi.com and Mi home for Rs 1,999 only. Xiaomi is also offering 1-year limited warranty for the gadget from the date of purchase. Hope the article was informative, Peace!

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