Did you know out of the 10 most polluted cities around the world, 9 are in India. If you’re at home you could breathe some pure air, thanks to air purifiers, like the one from Xiaomi – Mi Air Purifier. But what about outdoors? you could cover up your face using a towel but still, it’s not at all safe to breathe air in the open. To beat the pollution outdoors, Xiaomi has introduced the Mi AirPOP Anti-Pollution mask.

A wearable mask, the Mi AirPOP anti-pollution mask helps you to breathe safe air outdoors. It uses advanced 4 layer filtration, which will filter out 99 per cent of particulate matter up to the scale of 2.5. It could combat air pollutant including seasonal haze, dust storms, cold and flu pathogens, allergenic pollen, grease, smoke, exhaust, and contaminants.

Mi AirPOP PM2.5 Anti-Pollution Mask in India

Convinced already? the Mi AirPOP Anti Pollution mask is available in a pack of two at a price tag of Rs 249. It’s available to purchase exclusively on Mi.com official website.

Double particle protection + 4 layer filtration

Talking about the 4 layers of high-tech filters Mi AirPOP anti-pollution mask. The primary layer blocks out large particles, whereas the support mesh provides the 3D structure. The third layer or ‘Electrostatic Micro-Filtration’ layer blocks out particles that are less than 0.3 microns in diameter. Finally, the water-permeable layer with its hypo-allergic design reduces vapour buildup.

Thus this advanced 4 layer filtration in the Mi anti-pollution mask helps you breathe easy when outdoors, on your morning job or running errands.

Portable and Comfortable fit

Coming to the build quality, the Mi AirPOP anti-pollution mask uses a special non-woven micro-filtration material that’s skin-friendly. The 3D Soft Fit Sponge technology allows the mask to automatically mould to the sides of your nose. Another advantage of this technology is that it reduces pressure on your nose bridge and leakage from the endpoints. There are curved 3D lines which would keep the bottom of the mask firmly to your chin. The perforated small pores on the mask also help in blocking out particulate matter. It’s also ultra-portable as you could fold the mask to one-third of its size.

One big disadvantage found in most of the anti-pollution masks out there is it creates fogging on the eyeglasses of the wearer. Xiaomi has taken this into consideration and build advanced air circulation vent in its Mi AirPOP anti-pollution mask. It uses a large vortex breathing valve which helps in the quick discharge of warm air and vapour. Thus this constant air refreshing design eliminates the fogging on the eyeglass of the wearer.

Xiaomi’s Mi AirPOP anti-pollution mask has been tested and certified by authorities worldwide. It meets China’s Level B filtering National standard. The mask as a whole passed the skin friendliness testing of Germany’s Hohenstein Institute and passed the odour testing of the China National Textile and Apparel Council.

The Mi AirPOP anti-pollution mask can be used for a whole 15 hours. According to the company, two packs of the mask can last a whole month, which is based on 2-hours of usage per day.

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