Xiaomi has been teasing about an Mi Explore to happen in Chennai for the past few days. Well, the secret has been finally disclosed by Xiaomi in their community forum. It is nothing but the launch of their India’s First Mi Home Experience Store in Chennai. So, what is so special with this store apart from their Mi Home store, let’s find out.

Mi Home Experience Store

This store gives you an opportunity to experience the wide range of Xiaomi products. This also includes products that have not been launched in India yet. However, you can only purchase those products officially launched in Indian market. While those unreleased ones can still be fully experienced at this store.

Xiaomi India Opens India's First Mi Home Experience Store in Chennai

The range of products include luggage bags, shoes, ninebot, electric scooter, robotic vacuum cleaner, laptop and many interesting products from Xiaomi. You can also request the team to bring any of their products to this store. The store is located at Phoenix Market City, Chennai and will officially open on 1st March 2018 at 10:30 AM.

Mi Home Store Advantages

Mi Home Store gives you an opportunity to checkout the products before actually purchasing it. The first Mi Home store was unveiled in India, Phoenix MarketCity, Bengaluru last year. Mi fans from all over the country came to visit the store and it crossed a sale of Rs 5 crores in just 12 hours on the launch day. The best part of these stores is that it never runs out of stock. In case you miss one, you can grab F-codes and place the order on Mi.com.

The store also gives you the facility for exchanging your old smartphone via Mi Exchange scheme. This exchange program is run in partnership with Cashify and Xiaomi India. However, currently the program is currently not active in all the Mi Home stores. Also, If you are finding it too difficult to grab an Mi smartphone from their flash sales, make an early morning visit to the Mi Store near your location. You can find the entire list of Mi Home store in India here (link).


Xiaomi might be hoping to learn more about an Indian customer’s choice and needs based on the feedback from Mi Home Experience stores. This will also help them to find whether their entire range of home products can make an entry sooner. Hope the article was informative, Peace!

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