In our point of view, 10 years is nothing; In software terms, 10 years so long. Worlds most user-friendly Operating System is Windows XP now also.

Windows XP released in October 2001. During development, the project was codenamed “Whistler” Within a few one year, This Operating system  dominating share of PCs. Its successor, Then Microsoft release new one 2006 on Windows Vista, failed to eclipse that market position. Windows 7, the successor to Vista, seems on track to take Windows XP’s place as the most-used operating system, but the transition is taking some time. Statistics offered by StatCounter, however, offer a somewhat different story: Windows 7 ascendant with 40.39 percent of the market, followed by Windows XP with 38.54 percent, Windows Vista with 11.19 percent, and Mac OS X with 7.19 percent.

Windows OS Usage stats graph
Windows OS Usage stats graph

Windows 7 has sold more than 450 million licenses since its October 2009 release beating XP and becoming world’s most used operating system. With windows 8 development going strong and excepted to release sometime next year, it would be interesting to see these figures changing soon.


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