This conflicting issue came to my notice when I tried to connect 2 Seagate FreeAgent external hard disks to my Windows 7 PC for the purpose of transferring files. But to my surprise the “My Computer” window listed only one of the external drives. Even after reconnecting, the PC showed up only one, and I didn’t want to give up already. After a bit of Googling, I found out that this was a possible IRQ conflict (interrupt request) and finally I succeeded.


Windows fails to recognize two Seagate FreeAgent external hard disks at the same time, no matter how many times you disconnect and reconnect. Both the drives are shown in the disk management utility, however only one among them is listed in “My Computer” window. A workaround for this IRQ conflict is discussed below.

Windows not recognizing 2 Seagate FreeAgent external hard disks simultaneously [SOLVED]


  1. Connect both Seagate FreeAgent external hard disks to your PC.
  2. Start “Run” by means of pressing “Windows Logo Key”+ [R], input “diskmgmt.msc” in the text box, and click “OK”.
  3. In the disk management utility you will see both the external hard disk listed in the bottom panel in graphical view.
  4. Find your Seagate FreeAgent external hard disk which is listed as “offline” in this panel and select it.
  5. Right click the on the disk and choose “online”.
  6. Voila, problem solved. Both hard disks are now accessible from “My Computer” window.

Similar hardware conflicts found in the OS will be detailed in other posts, stay tuned.

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