Within 24 hours of release, Microsoft has clocked around 14 million computers running the latest operating system, Windows 10. Launched on July 29th, 2015, Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users for free across 190 countries. It carries some of the best updates for any Windows, ranging from streamlined interfaces to new apps and services.

Windows 10 - Why you should upgrade? Features breakdown

Windows 10 features you may want to try

  • Start Menu is back – our beloved start menu has made a come back on Windows 10. It now got added features like the live tiles from Windows 8 along with its familiar old classic look.
  • Cortana – your personal digital assistant – Cortana (just like Google Now or Apple Siri) that helps to get things done on your computer. It can provide relevant recommendations based on your preferences, quick access to information, set reminders etc.
  • Microsoft Edge – the new browser in town, Microsoft has ditched the old crappy Internet explorer to an all-new redesigned browser – Microsoft Edge. It’s got some cool features like supports for reading mode, allows users to draw on web pages themselves in order to share or save for later.
  • DirectX 12 – Gamers would love this update as, Windows 10 brings DirectX 12 which offers speed, efficiency and graphics capability. Along with it Xbox Live and the integrated Xbox App are also available on Windows 10.
  • New Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail & Calendar apps – in-built to Windows 10, Microsoft has released the completely overhauled Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail & Calendar apps that flawlessly synced through OneDrive.
  • Continuum – Windows 10’s new interface allow seamlessly switch between the two modes – tablets and PC. With the upcoming release of Windows 10 for phones, one can connect their smartphone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard to make your phone work like a PC.
  • Notification – Windows 10 takes the old action center from Windows 8 to the next level. It organises notifications from apps, custom alerts and provides quick access commonly used settings.
  • Windows Hello – Hello offers a cleaner lock screen and offers seamless or say passwordless log-in to your system with the use of facial recognition or even fingerprint scanner if available.

Windows 10 upgrade being rolled out in a phased manner, so don’t get panic if you didn’t see the update by now. A new notification on your taskbar will alert you when your upgrade is available and ready to be installed.

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