If you have a Blog, there are many ways to earn from it. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to earn money from your blog. There are many affiliate programs which offer you 50% commission. There are many sites which has all the Affiliate products listed like ClickBank. You can signup on these sites and you can start selling any product which is related to your blog. But if you are a newbie, it will be difficult for you to sell the products. There are many important steps involved in selling the products and getting commission. But mostly its seen that some of the Blog are not able to sell any products.

Why your Blog is not getting any Affiliate Sales
  1. Get Good Traffic

The first important thing you need to look on is that is your blog getting good traffic. If your Blog is getting only 2 or 3 visits, then you cant sell any affiliate products. You need to build a good traffic for your blog to sell any product. Also write some quality posts in your blog because buyer before buying products may read some of your posts. Follow SEO in your Blog to get good Traffic.

  1. Add Products Related to your Blog

The most common mistake that bloggers make is adding the Affiliate Products that are not related to the blog. If you are having a Blog related to Blogging or SEO, you add a product related to Mobile Softwares, then your blog is not going to make any sale. For a Blog on SEO or Blogging, you can add Plugins, Softwares. This will help you in making more sales.

  1. Write a Product Review

Mostly Bloggers add the image of the product in the Sidebar rather than writing a review on it. Adding Image of the product will not get you any sale but writing a review on it will get you more sale. Also don’t write in a way that readers don’t like. If you write a good review with the images and also mentioning the advantages, then the readers surely are going to buy it. Also add the Affiliate link at the end of the Product Review.

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