WIndows 8 operating system

The new Windows 8 download is already available now if you are really trying to get your hands on a copy. The only problem it is a develop version. That is not the same as the version of the Windows Beta download, which is not available yet. The developer version is for developers to make new applications and make all those bits and pieces that make our personal computing experience run smoothly. The new operating system looks much like a Windows phone operating system. The world of personal computing has really changed. Microsoft is selling this operating system as a whole new operating system, and not merely and update. There are some very good reasons for this, and here is a look at some of those most important ones.

  • On every device. The Windows 8 operating system is particularly exciting because it allows us to use the same operating system on all of our devices. The same operating system you are using on your laptop will be the same operating system you are using on your Smartphone. This means the same applications can run on all of them. Finally, we won’t have to get used to different versions of the same applications on different versions of operating systems on our different devices. If only personal computing had been this way in the beginning.
  • Application security. Will tried and tested applications available from an application store we will certainly need less computer repairs. The biggest problem with personal computers normally comes from malware hidden in applications or as a part of web-based applications. Safe applications, through an application store, means we know we can maintain security, and we have a huge amount of computer support. The new HTML5 applications, known as Metro Apps will be exclusively available on this store. These applications are going to be very important for our personal computing experience.
  • Online applications. The new operating system integrates HTML5 and JavaScript programming code so that it can work on the operating system like any other traditional application. Facebook, for example, is a web-based application that is coded in HTML5. Currently, we use a browser to run this code and allow us to access Facebook. This new feature of Windows will allow that code to run on our operating system. This in turn means those applications can access more power of our device. Because that is the case, those applications will do a lot more, and do it a lot faster. They are not restricted to the power of the browser and the power that can be delivered to them. This will mean a huge boost in the power of cloud computing and online applications for both consumer and business use.

The operating system is one thing, but the applications and how they work, are extremely important for our personal experience. With a touch-centric interface, easier use, more support and a whole new way to use both traditional and online applications, on all devices, Windows is truly re-creating itself.

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