The Samsung Galaxy has been the best selling smart phone for a while now, so what are the factors that make it so popular and why is it the best selling phone on the market? We look at the top 5 reasons for its success below.

Samsung Galaxy s2 Android India

The Screen

The Galaxy S2’s greatest attribute is its screen. The 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display is one of the clearest and probably the brightest on any phone currently available. Add to this its size responsiveness and the amazingly clear colours and you’ll soon be in love with the display. The fact it’s a 480x800p screen in a world of increasingly powerful 540x960p screens doesn’t matter when you see its quality.

Dual Core

The device works from the super powerful 1.2GHz dual core processor that we have tried, tested and failed on numerous occasions to slow. This super powerful processor is powerful enough to prevent it showing even the slightest signs of lag. Amazingly it took seven full screens processing to their full for us to see a glimmer when we pinched to zoom in and out quickly – now that is nice and quick.


The Samsung is a super slim device and rolls in at an enviable 8.49mm thick. This makes it one of the slimmest phones in the world and the slimmest of all the popular new phones on offer. The device is also quite good looking with some style queues from the iPhone and a bit of Samsung magic creating a good looking device. Though it has a plastic back, we’d never call it weak and in fact it ticks all the right boxes in the style stakes.


The TouchWiz user interface that Samsung has over laid Android 2.3 with is a great piece of work. There is no doubt that the layout is very similar to that of the Apple iPhone – a bone of contention – though it works wonderfully, is clear and offers some great software on the phone.


The phone’s camera is also noticeably good. The 8mp flasher takes some clear photos and also can take 1080p video without issue. Add this to the glistening screen and fast chip and you really have a winner. The addition of Google’s latest Android makes this the flagship device of choice from any manufacturer and means the Samsung is the phone of choice.

Its fantastic screen and slim form factor are part of the reasons the Galaxy S2 is proving to be so popular. Couple that with a level of power not seen on a smartphone previously and it is easy to understand the appeal of the Galaxy S2.

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