Google Plus may have fewer subscribers than Facebook, but many people have found reasons why they think Google Plus is better than the popular social media tool. For example, Google Plus has more unique features than Facebook and also, more flexibility. Here are more of the most popular reasons why Google Plus could be considered superior to its competitors:

1. Google Plus Circles

Google Circles is a feature unique to Google Plus. Google Circles allows owners to organise social circles according to a particular affiliation. For instance, Google Circles allows owners to separate family and friends from business associates. With Google Circles, a participant may share with the community without requiring them to share also. Google Circles feature allows members to keep social circles separate as some people may do in reality. Facebook does not have this feature.

2. Google Ripples

Google Ripples allows members to track ripples and monitor statistics of posts created in the forum. A ripple will reveal the centre of influences, the average chain length or the number of shares per hour. The influencers or public reshares are also revealed. This type of information is not available through Google Analytics. Google Ripples is essential to any blog poster. Facebook does not have an advanced tool such as Google Ripples to monitor effectiveness of blog posts.

Why Google+ is Better than Facebook

3. Integration

Google Plus is preferred by many users because all of its services are integrated into one interface. Access to email, Google Docs, video and search features is possible with Google Plus. This is a major advantage of Google Plus over Facebook.

4. What’s Hot List

The What’s Hot list is an essential part of a blog poster’s life. Being recognised in the What’s Hot list is a huge honor. If a member’s content is listed at the top of all the Google Plus member’s content, this represents an incredible opportunity for exposure. If a post of the Google Plus community resonates with many Google Plus members, traffic will increase, and the blog will become influential.

5. Google Sparks

Social networks are for sharing information and connecting with people. Sparks allows members to share news, articles, websites, photographs and videos instantaneously with Google Circles. The search feature inside of Google Plus allows users to find content easily. Google’s search power is used to make the searching process more efficient. Facebook does not have the same search functionality of Google. Many users prefer Google Sparks for this reason.

Consider Google Plus for Social Networking

Consider Google Plus for social networking. Though the membership does not indicate that it is the best social networking tool available, many people polled have proven the reasons why the social networking tool is superior. Sign up for Google Plus to determine why everyone is talking about the new and unique features.

This is a guest post from Jarrod who is a Social Media and Online Marketing expert from Sydney, Australia.

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