Yes! we were waiting for this for a long time, the Facebook owned WhatsApp has finally launched a web version of its popular messaging app. The web client version of WhatsApp allow its millions of users to use the messaging app on their PC or Mac exclusively through Chrome browser.

The WhatsApp Web client is an extension of users mobile, that fully mirrors all the conversations and messages from their mobile to the web client. Users can browse through their messages, start a new conversation and has most of the functionality of the mobile app. As all the conversations and messages are mirrored to web, the messages would remain safe on the phone as well.

WhatsApp comes to PC with its Web Client - Works only on Chrome

Currently the WhatsApp Web client works only with Google Chrome browser and the user’s smartphone will also need to be connected to the Internet. Unfortunately the WhatsApp web client won’t work for iPhone (iOS) users due to Apple platform limitations. The web client will flawlessly work with Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia S60. Also users need to update their WhatsApp app on their mobile to the latest version.

So, to bring your WhatsApp conversations to desktop, first open up your Chrome browser and go to ( That will open a QR code, which user need to scan from their WhatsApp on their smartphone (Open WhatsApp > Head over to menu -> Select WhatsApp Web). This will pair the WhatsApp on your mobile with the WhatsApp web client, and brings all your exciting messages to web.

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