The one thing, missing for a long time in WhatsApp was the simple animated stickers in chat. The hugely popular messaging service WhatsApp has finally added the support for animated stickers in chats.

You could use the new animated sticker just like the normal stickers in WhatsApp chat. Instead of being bland, this animated sticker would add more fun and can be more expressive. You could find, download and use animated sticker packs directly within the app.

WhatsApp adds support for  animated stickers in chat

In addition to the roll-out of animated stickers, WhatsApp has enabled QR codes for profiles. Instead of typing in a phone number to add a person to the contact, you can now just scan their QR profile code. WhatsApp would then automatically add them to your contacts. It’s one of the features Facebook embraced on in its Messenger and Instagram apps, and now been expanded to WhatsApp.

Another addition is the extension of WhatsApp Dark Mode theme to WhatsApp web and desktop. There is also some good news for KaiOS which also powered the JioPhone. WhatsApp is adding the WhatsApp status feature that lets you share updates that disappear after 24 hours.

Finally, WhatsApp group video calls have gained new features. Now during a video call, you could tap and hold on the video of a participant to maximise their video. Also, in WhatsApp groups with eight or fewer members, you could start a group video call with one-tap.

All these features are rolling out in the latest version WhatsApp for Android and iOS over the next few weeks.

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