India is one of the market where smartphone adoption is in the peak point, with growth rate of over 18% in smartphones sales in Asia-Pacific region, outshining countries like China. So what’s trending in India’s mobile phone market? PriceBag has published a report – the Mobile Trends 2014, which give us an overall insights on the Indian mobile phone market.

  • Android domination – As always Indian mobile market is ruled by the little green bot- Android, with around 96.58% of market share, followed by Windows Phone with 2.74% market share (thanks to Nokia) and iOS with mere 0.68% market share.
  • 5 inch smartphones rules – Bigger screens are getting more popular, as 25% of smartphones sold in India have screen size of exactly 5 inches and 35% of the phones have display size of at least 5 inches.
  • Dual-SIM – It’s now a mandatory of mobile phone manufacturer to have dual-SIM phones to become hit in India. Almost 90% of phones launched in India are dual-SIM phone, which ranges from budget smartphones to high-priced flagship devices.
Smartphone launching trend in India 2014
  • Micromax the new Samsung – Indian mobile vendor Micromax got mobile phones at every price range with its 22 new mobile launches in 2014 alone. When compared, Samsung has only launched 4 new smartphones in India so-dar in 2014.
  • Budget smartphones – People still wants smartphones to be more affordable, that why 36% of all mobile phones launched in India are between the price range of Rs 5001 and Rs 9999. Thanks to Motorola’s Moto E, more mobile vendors are now launching better quality smartphones under this price bracket.
Mobile prices trend in India 2014
  • Selfie phones – For Indians front-camera is a must, as per the report 88% of the smartphones launched in India during 2014 have from facing camera.
  • More RAM more power – With high-end games and powerful apps being launched, smartphones need to have more RAM in it. The average smartphone RAM has increased to 442 MB in 2014 when compared to 346 MB RAM in 2013. Nowadays 1GB RAM is becoming default for all smartphones and flagship devices moving to 2GB+ RAM.

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