While the exact release date of Windows 8 is unknown, that doesn’t mean people are any less excited. Those that have been using Windows 7 know that Microsoft is capable of creating excellent operating systems, but they do worry about how Windows 8 will work on gadgets that have slower processors and less memory. Due to the rise in tablets and netbooks, computer users want a system that won’t lag on their machine. Thankfully, that’s not something they’ll have to worry about. Let’s take a closer look at what’s so great about Windows 8.

WIndows 8 operating system

Better Performance on Tablets and Netbooks

As mentioned above, Windows 8 has been designed so that it works flawlessly on gadgets that aren’t as powerful as a laptop or desktop computer. The biggest concern was that the interactive interface, or Metro screen, running on top of the desktop would cause major problems in speed. However, users will find that their resources aren’t affected when switching to the regular desktop because most applications will stop accessing the resources until you switch back to the interface screen. It is also said that Windows 8 will be much faster than Windows 7 was on these less powerful gadgets.

Different Desktop Experience

The biggest difference users will see with Windows 8 is the Metro screen interface, which is like the interface on a Windows smartphone. Users are presented with widgets to select their program instead of selecting programs from the start menu. Speaking of the start menu, it doesn’t exist on the desktop anymore. On the desktop, which can be switched to from the Metro screen, you will see apps that you have pinned to the taskbar, but no start menu.

Apps and the Cloud

An excellent addition to the Windows OS is the addition of apps and the Cloud. Programs can be purchased from the Windows Store and can then be accessed on the Metro screen. There are also some apps that are free. However, the coolest thing is being able to access your apps, photos, etc from any Windows 8 device, no matter where you are, thanks to the Cloud.

Much Easier to Reinstall

Last, but not least, if you happen to pick up a nasty virus or just want to start fresh, the operating system couldn’t be any easier to reinstall. All you have to do make one click – that’s all.

Windows 8 promises to be one of the best operating systems Windows users have seen. It will offer a completely different interactive experience that is sure to make you more productive and happier with your experience.

About the Author: Sergio Klimaszweski is a huge fan of technology and is currently going to school to become a computer repair specialist. 

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