With social media a new buzzword in the world of internet, there seems to be many goods and bads which it can act upon its users. And like it’s said, excess of anything is bad, so is the case with social media as well, if you are likely to use it day in and day out, you are out to face the ugly part of it. So, when it comes to children and teenagers, there seems to be lots of risk which is lurking at them. And a sizable amount of youngsters have faced the wrath of social media. No one on earth can deny how social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the landscape of social communication and they too have their share of good and bad aspects. Here we will discuss both the good and bad sides of using social media.

Social Media can do Good or Bad to you
Social Media Good or Bad ( Image Credit – dashboard.ca )

Besides being connected to your friends all the time, there are lots of negatives too. Teens that are regularly using social media sites like FB are often seen to come up with conceited inclination. And for the youth, they are sometimes seen indulged in psychological disorders like antisocial behavior, mania and aggressive inclinations. Excessive use of media gadgets including computers can land children, preteens to indulge in problems of anxiety, depression and similar psychological problems. In this way, they have greater probability to face other health issues in the future.

The biggest challenge present day parents are facing is to bring their children to study. Facebook has embarked a recent distraction tool on their list. The students of middle and high schools are often seen hooked to such social networking sites and thus remain away from studies. A research has indicated that students log in to their Facebook account every 15 minutes and thus are faring bad in exams. Meanwhile, young people at work too are often seen hooked to different networking sites. Thus employers often complain of lower productivity at the workplace.

Besides the sorry tale, these sites also have certain good things to offer to the youth. Young people who invest their time more often on Facebook are good in virtual empathy to their online friends. The people, who are introvert, are learning ways of getting social with people. And children who use Facebook can be pushed to have their lessons through them. While people at work can use these sites to keep their brand presence felt all across. In this way their business gets a new forum to flourish.

Last word: The children and teenagers are getting affected the most by these social networking websites. Hence, it’s natural for the parents to get concerned. But as the experts say, curbing such things is futile as there are several means to defy the curbs. Thus they suggest the approach of direct communication between the children and parents. Similar approach is suggested for employers towards their employees. By keeping their employees satisfied at work and by maintaining a good communication between the employer and employees will go a long way in curbing the problem arising due to social networking sites.

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