What can you Do with Unlimited 3G On Aircel

The mobile network space has grown, from GPRS/EDGE on 2G to the high-speed 3G network. Now you can carry the super high-speed mobile broadband on your pocket, transforming your mobile into your office, a full-fledged theater to watch HD movies and videos, playing HD online games and lots more. Possibilities are unlimited.

With so many capabilities you think the cost also may be high, You are wrong. With Aircel, one of India’s top telecom operator you not only get to enjoy 3G speeds, but also a range of exclusive services and unlimited 3G data plans which starts just at Rs7/Rs8. From video calling to video streaming, learning faster to working smarter, it’s all possible with 3G on Aircel.

Unlimited 3G possibilities –

  • 3G Video Calling – The number one use of a 3G service. With video calling both you and your loved ones can see each others video while you talk. Just like the video chat on computers. Now never miss a moment in your life, just video call them and make them feel like you are near. If you got the latest HTC One V Smartphone then you can see each other in full 720p HD video.
  • Carry the Office with you –  No need of PC or laptop, just open up your mobile and with unlimited 3G plans you can upload/download office documents, edit the documents online, make presentations, live chat with your colleagues and what not. If you got a powerful Smartphone like HTC One V you can multitask, working on 2 or more apps with ease.
  • Social Media manic –  Stay connected with your friends all the time on Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Share high-resolution photos and videos with your friends instantly. Chat with your friends on the go. Don’t miss out any of the thrilling moments.
  • Video Hub on your Pocket –  End to slow buffering videos, with Aircel 3G unlimited data plans, you can stream HD quality videos anytime, anywhere without any sort of buffering.  Also with Aircel Popkorn you can watch Live TV and Videos on Demand or can record the shows to watch later at your convenience.
  • Location finder – Lost your way in a town, now with Aircel Pocket Finder you can quickly know where you are, routes available to your destination.  You can also find the nearest restaurants, coffee shops etc. Not only that,it also tells you where your friends and family are. Also with Google maps you can make sure you are never lost. It will help you to find the best route available.
  • Learning – With Aircel Pocket Learning you can make sure you earn good score in the exams. Be it school or competitive, Aircel provide plenty of relevant content, personalized study options, assessments and alerts on important areas. Its available exclusively on Aircel 3G.

Aircel Unlimited 3G Postpaid and Prepaid Plans

Aircel unlimited 3G data plans starts from just Rs 8 per day (Rs7/day in some states), which provides 50MB data transfer at 3.6 Mbps and after that unlimited data transfer at 128Kbps.  The largest 3G unlimited plan cost Rs 997 which provides 10GB data transfer at 3.6 Mbps. For more details on Aircel 3G unlimited plans check here.

Now we can forget about 2G GPRS/EDGE, with affordable 3G plans from Aircel,everyone can enjoy blazing 3G speed on their mobile. Do comment what do you feel about Aircel 3G unlimited plans?

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