If you are getting a better deal when joining together, then you should take it. One of India’s leading telecom operator Vodafone India has launched RED Together, a new scheme for its Postpaid customers which offers big savings on monthly bills and extra benefits.

Recently, the telco launched a new set of Vodafone RED plans for its postpaid mobile subscribers. These plans come under three types – RED Traveler, RED International and RED Signature. Each of this plan types offer varying voice, data and freebie benefits catered to the specific need of its users.

Bring together with Vodafone RED Together - Savings on Rental and Extra Benefits

Under the Vodafone RED Together scheme, you can bring together your family members or friends or even devices in one big group, yet keep on their respective RED postpaid plans. You will get the convenience of making a single payment for the entire group under one bill. The telco guarantees savings up to 20 percent on the total rental of the group.

For example, if you’re a Vodafone RED postpaid customer and add two family members or friends (or devices) to the Vodafone RED Together scheme, then the telco will offer a combined 10 percent discount on the group’s monthly bill. If you add three members to the group then, you can avail 15 percent discount. Lastly, if you add four and above members to your RED Together group then, you can avail a 20 percent discount.

In addition to the discount on monthly bills, the telco will also offer extra data benefits of up to 20 GB. The extra data depends on the number of members you bring together under the Vodafone RED Together scheme.

Vodafone RED Together Scheme Features
  • Vodafone RED Postpaid customers can come together on their respective RED postpaid plans to form a Vodafone RED Together group.
  • Customers can add their family members, Friends and Devices to the group.
  • Guaranteed savings up to 20 percent on the total rental of the group.
  • Get up to 20GB data extra for every added member of the group.
  • Free national roaming as part of the Vodafone RED Plans.
  • Data rollover feature that allows you to carry forward unused data up to 200GB data.
  • Can avail freebies like NETFLIX, Vodafone PLAY and MAGZTER premium subscription up to 12 months.
  • Smartphone protection with RED Shield.

Vodafone customers on any new RED postpaid plan, starting with RED BASIC at Rs 399 can avail this benefit. Note that, the new plans are presently not available in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh circle.

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