Vodafone one of the top telecom operator in India has launched Mobile Number Portability ( MNP ) .The First state to enjoy the mobile number portability in India is Haryana. Vodafone Essar has launched its ads campaign ‘Everybody’s welcome‘ to draw in customers, citing better network as its unique selling point, an official said Monday.

“Join us because who we are. Our campaign is not a negative campaign but we are emphasising that anybody who wants to join our network is welcome,” Vodafone Essar’s strategy director Samaresh Parida told IANS.

However, Vodafone is of the view that MNP will have a very limited impact.

“MNP will not change the landscape much. There will be some excitement in the beginning but after a couple of months, the excitement it will go down . The company plans to retain its current subscriber base as well as add more customers to its network by providing enhanced customer care services. Quality scores and better service centres would be an advantage to us. We will be strengthening our service centres to reach out the the problems faced by the customers. These centres will ensure that a customer gets what he wants,” said Parida.

For Changing from any network to Vodafone
send SMS from your current number :  PORT to “1900

Then You will get the “UPC” code from “1901

Validity of This “UPC” code for only 15 days.


Go to your nearest Vodafone ministore give your latest photo and Identity proof ( Driving license or voter ID copy) with rs 19

Note: If you don’t know the nearest Vodafone ministore then send from a Vodafone number PORT(space)(your pincode ex:680***) to “111“.


For activation it needs about 152 working Hours , after the activation (152 working Hours Later) YOUR Number Is “DEAD” for 2.5 Hours For Changing from your current operator to Vodafone, and after this 2.5 hours your mobile operator will be changed to Vodafone.


If Got any Doubts or Questions just Call the Customer Care or you can visit there MNP dedicated webpage at

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