Would it be great if you get a mobile plan that’s integrated with a life insurance cover? One of India’s leading telecom operator Vodafone India has launched RED Protect. A first of its kind postpaid plan that gives you life insurance cover for the sum equal to 240 months or 20 years of your monthly rental.

An industry-first in enterprise mobility, Vodafone’s enterprise Postpaid subscribers can avail RED Protect which features a full-featured RED Postpaid plan, along with integrated life insurance.

Vodafone India's RED Postpaid Plans now offer Red Protect Life Insurance

Vodafone RED postpaid plan starts at Rs 499 per month and offers unlimited voice calls, roaming benefits, higher data quota and access to the telco’s entertainment suite of apps. Now with Red Protect, you can also avail life insurance cover worth up to 20 years of your monthly rental.

For example, if you’re on the RED Postpaid plan with monthly rental of Rs 499, you’re eligible for an insurance benefit of Rs 1,20,000. That’s your monthly rental (Rs 499) x 12 months x 20 years coverage. Note that, the above 20 years benefits is for existing Vodafone Red enterprise subscribers. For the new subscriber, the value of insurance cover is 10 years worth of their monthly rental. But, after you retain the plan for a year, your insurance benefit is upgraded to 20 years worth of your monthly rental.

How to avail Vodafone Red Protect Life Insurance
  • Select a Vodafone RED Postpaid Business plan, which starts at Rs 499 per month.
  • Call 199 and ask for your chosen RED Protect plan. (existing customers can also call 199 to activate their RED Protect plan).
  • Your total insurance benefit = Monthly rental X 12 months X 20 years.
  • Once the mobile plan is live, activate your insurance policy plan by visiting Aviva India [partner.avivaindia.com].
  • Once activated, insurance policy certificate arrives in your inbox.

Currently, Vodafone RED Protect is available to select enterprise customers. The insurance cover is offered in partnership with Aviva Life Insurance.

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