Something we always wanted on cars, like controlling most of the features of the car using a simple mobile app. Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd with its strategic technology partnership with Vodafone Business Services,  the enterprise arm of India’s major telecom operator Vodafone India Ltd brings just what we wish for. With this partnership Vodafone India will be powering Machine-to-Machine (m2m) communication services of the recently launched electric vehicle, Mahindra e2o.

Vodafone India to power Machine-to-Machine (m2m) communication services in Mahindra e2o

Mahindra e2o is one of the first truly ‘connected car’ launched in India and e2o owners can use his/her smartphones or any internet connected computer to control most of the features of the car. With the app installed on the owners smartphone, one can –

  • Know the state of charge in the battery of their car and how far they can travel with the available charge.
  • Remotely control its air-conditioning and set schedules to pre-heat or pre-cool the car before they use it.
  • Lock or unlock the car doors.
  • Find the nearest charging stations.
  • Receive alerts on various events with the car such as a disruption in charging due to power cuts, safety related reminders such as a door being left unlocked or a parking brake not applied.
  • Get an emergency boost charge with a command on the smart phone to go an extra 8-10 kms.
  • Have the Mahindra Reva Tech Help Desk remotely do prognosis and diagnostics of the car.
Vodafone Machine-to-Machine (m2m) communication services in Mahindra e2o

Vodafone is renowned globally for being a specialist in M2M solutions and a market leader in telematics. Leveraging our global expertise, we are the first telecom service provider to offer the m2m service platform in the Indian market today. Vodafone’s partnership with Mahindra Reva is a true convergence of distinct, yet aligned visions- to develop a world of connected machines. Our secure telematics connectivity offering, best in class m2m service platform and a superior network which has been tailor-made to suit unique aspects of Mahindra Reva’s product and industry processes”. said Naveen Chopra –Director, Vodafone Business Services.

The partnership between Mahindra Reva and Vodafone Business Services is the first and only one of its kind in India where a telecom service provider and an automaker have joined hands to usher in this completely new and futuristic technology into the Indian market. Vodafone’s machine-to-machine communication technologies enable secure connectivity between the vehicle and central application powered by a best in class machine to machine service platform.

SourceMahindra e2o

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