One of the biggest hurdles for one first starting to use mobile internet are the multi-step, time-consuming and error-prone process of subscribing to a data plan. Along with it the complex KB/MB-based data plans that further increases the confusion. India’s second largest telecom operator Vodafone India has partnered with Opera Software to offer its customers with Opera web pass services.

Opera web pass service replaces Vodafone’s complex KB/MB-based mobile data plans with time-based or content-based web-pass packages. As an example Vodafone customers can pay to browse Facebook or Twitter for a day or an hour, rather than subscribing to limited data usage based plans and having to keep track of the MBs they have consumed.

Vodafone India to offer Opera Web Pass with time-based or content-based Data plans

Opera Web Pass provides telecom operators with a scalable solution to provide cost-effective data bundles that match their users’ needs. With minimal integration work (simple support for Opera Mini zero rating, third-party billing and header forwarding), an operator can now deploy tailor-made mobile internet packages to their entire user base easily and quickly.

For subscribing to this service, customers just needs to start Opera Mini on his/her mobile phone, click Opera Web Pass in the Speed Dial start page and choose from a list of web pass subscriptions, allowing Vodafone mobile customers to purchase from a range of user-centric packages to suit their internet access needs. Opera web pass can offer customers following subscription based options –

  • Purchase an hourly data plan, by paying a fee for one-hour subscription of mobile internet.
  • Stay online throughout the day with unlimited data usage, by paying a flat fee for a 24-hour subscription.
  • Choose to browse the web just on weekends, with the weekend subscription pack.

Mobile internet has immense growth potential, and we are looking to play an integral part of this opportunity. Anticipating the need for customized offers in mobile internet, we have partnered with Opera Software. This services enables our customers to buy small ticket, duration based packs to suit their requirements.” said Vivek Mathur, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone India.

Just a year before Airtel started offering its customers with Opera web pass. With this service Airtel customers can subscribe to affordable and simple pay-as-you-go mobile internet services.

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