Watch live TV or stream the latest Bollywood or Hollywood movies or even listen to unlimited music. The best of content digitally for all your entertainment requirements.

Keeping in-phase with Reliance Jio’s unlimited entertainment offerings, India’s second largest telecom operators Vodafone India is now offering three months free subscription to Vodafone Play. The one-stop entertainment app from Vodafone which offers you with live TV, full-length movies and unlimited music streaming.

The exclusive offer is for pan-India Vodafone 4G/3G mobile subscribers and valid till 31st December 2016. The Vodafone Play mobile app is available for both android and iOS devices.

Vodafone India now offers free three months unlimited access to Vodafone Play

Coming back Vodafone Play, the app offers direct access to more than 180 live TV channels. This includes India’s most popular TV channels like Zee TV, Sony TV, Aaj Tak, Ten sports anymore. For the live TV channels, Vodafone has partnered with Ditto TV.

Vodafone has also partnered with Hungama Play and Hooq to bring in the large collection of Bollywood, Hollywood and regional films to Vodafone Play. In addition to the 14000+ movie collection, you can also access a huge catalogue of video and music content across all genres.

For unlimited music, Vodafone Play comes with over 1.2 million songs from Hindi, English and every regional Indian language. You can freely stream music with Vodafone Music, but song download will be chargeable as per the package.

Vodafone Play features

  • 180 Live TV channels and Video-on-demand TV shows.
  • Over 60,000 hours of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood & Indian regional languages.
  • Video and music content across all genres.
  • Over 1.2 million songs in Hindi, English and every regional Indian language.
  • Play and Pause on live TV with DVR capability.
  • Unlimited music streaming in high quality.

So how to activate Vodafone Play? If you are a Vodafone subscriber then you just need to send an SMS with keyword ‘PLAY’ to 199. You will then get a download link to Vodafone Play app for android or iOS. Once downloaded and installed you can use your Vodafone mobile number and password to signup and access the contents.

The three months or 90 days free unlimited subscription is also applicable to third-party apps. This includes Hungama Play and Hooq app, where you can signup with your Vodafone mobile number to avail the offer. After the free trial subscription, Hungama PLAY subscription will be charged at Rs 199 per months and Hooq subscription will be charged at Rs 249 per month. Do note that data charges are applicable for Vodafone Play and other partner’s OTT apps.

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