In what’s touted to be world’s fastest and biggest optical deployment project, Indian telecom operator Vodafone India has deployed India’s largest long-haul fiber network. The 200G long-haul fiber network is been installed over the span of 75 days and covers more than 43,000 km across 88 cities.

The 200G long-haul network will enable Vodafone India to strengthen its already leading latency performance. It will help the telco to boost up its network for the enormous growth in data consumption and in the adoption of new technologies like 5G and VoLTE. The deployment will also enhance customer experience for both mobile and enterprise users.

Vodafone India deploys India's largest 200G Long-Haul fiber network across 88 cities
Vodafone India 200G Long-Haul fiber network features
  • First telecom operator in India to offer Optical Virtual Private Network as a service.
  • OVPN – Horizontal and Vertical Network resource slicing for customers.
  • Low latency paths due to Latency Based Routing.
  • Online fiber monitoring with ‘Fiber Doctor’ to detect the fault and improve fiber repair MTTR.
  • T-SDN Enabled Network for the centralized controller, resource and service visualization.

Moving towards 200G long-haul network is a significant step by Vodafone India to lead and provide seamless network and high bandwidth to our consumers. This 200G Ultra Long Haul Fiber Network allows enterprise customers on performance monetization and improving customer experience,” said Vishant Vora, Director – Technology, Vodafone India. “We are proud that our team could install India’s largest 200G network in a record time, making it’s the fastest deployment across the globe,” he further added.

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