A little bit late for the party, yet Indian telecom operator Vodafone Idea has finally launched the support for eSIM in India. You could now opt for the eSIM or digital SIM instead of a physical SIM to access the telcos mobile network (both data and voice).

Vodafone Idea eSIM support is currently limited to recent Apple iPhone models and Apple Watch, with support for selected Samsung smartphones coming in a week or two. Another, big limitation in place is that the eSIM facility from the telco is limited to its RED postpaid subscribers. So, the majority of its subscribers or prepaid subscribers need to wait further to get the facility. In addition, the telco is limiting the rollout of the eSIM facility to three telecom circles – Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat. We could expect a further rollout of the facility to other telecom circles at a later stage.

So, if you’re a Vodafone Idea customer, subscribed to a RED postpaid plan and owns the latest Apple iPhone smartphone then and only then you could opt for the eSIM facility. Both new and existing Vodafone Idea customers choosing Postpaid RED plan can leverage eSIM support.

Vodafone Idea now supports eSIM

Talking about eSIM, it stands for “Embedded Subscriber Identity Module” or we could say digital SIM which is embedded inside your phone. This allows you to connect to a telecom network without the need for a physical SIM. As there is no physical SIM present, chances of the SIM getting damaged, or physically inserting or removing the SIM, in any case, can be avoided. If you’re phone support dual SIM (one eSIM and one physical SIM) then you could opt for the Vodafone Idea eSIM and add other telcos SIM as a physical SIM.

Vodafone Idea eSIM eligible devices

Currently, following Apple iPhone models support Vodafone Idea eSIM facility – Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Please note that you need to update these phones to the latest iOS version to make it eSIM ready. In a later date, Samsung flagship mobile series, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold will support eSIM from the telco.

How to activate Vodafone Idea eSIM

So if you’re an existing Vodafone Idea RED postpaid customers and have an eligible device then you can avail the eSIM facility from the telco. You can convert your existing physical SIM to an eSIM by following these simple steps, there is no needed to visit a Vodafone or Idea store.

  • To start the process, SMS “eSIM <space> your registered email id” to 199. The registered email ID is the one you registered with MyVodafone App or MyIdea app. If you have not linked any email ID with mobile, then you can do that by sending an SMS message “your email id” to 199.
  • If your email id is valid, you will receive a confirmation SMS from 199. Now, you need to reply back to the same number with “ESIMY” to confirm your eSIM change request.
  • Once you confirmed the eSIM change request via SIM, you will receive another SMS from 199 asking you to provide consent over a call. Here, Vodafone’s customer support would call and get your consent to convert your existing physical SIM to eSIM.
  • After providing your consent on the call, you will receive the confirmation SMS and a QR code will be sent to your registered email ID.
  • You can now scan the QR code received on your registered email id.
    • For Apple iPhone users, make sure that the phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.
    • Go to “Settings” then select “Mobile Data” and click on “Add Data Plan”.
    • Now “Scan QR code” received on mail.
    • Follow the rest of the prompts on the phone.
    • To enable 4G on eSIM, click on “Settings” then select “Mobile Data”, there select “eSIM Profile” and click on “Enable 4G”, their select “Data only” or “Voice & Data” as your preference. Ensure “Turn on this line” is active.
    • If you prefer to use the eSIM only for data, then click on “Settings” then select “Mobile Data” and click on “Mobile Data”. Their select the “eSIM Profile” and ensure “Data Roaming” is switched on.
    • To use the eSIM only for voice calls, click on “Settings”, then select “Mobile Data”, click “Default Voice Line” and then select “eSIM Profile”.

For new Vodafone Idea customers, you can get eSIM instead of a physical SIM while taking a connection from a nearby Vodafone Store. For that, the usual proof of identity and a photograph is needed. Its also recommended carrying your phone along so that the QR generated during the activation process can be scanned there itself.

Please note that the QR code can be scanned only once (or single-use only) and make sure you correctly add the eSIM to your phone. Also, note that the Vodafone eSIM will get activated within two hours of scanning the QR Code. Until that time, you could use your existing physical SIM without any limitation.

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