Want to do something this Christmas that gives you a tingling feeling? Join up with the Zoozoo Band and make your own merry X’mas Melodies. Vodafone India has launched a cool Zoozoo X’mas Melodies app for its Facebook fans. The Facebook app features Vodafone’s favorite Zoozoos with musical instruments playing and making you happy this Christmas. Users can select Christmas carol melodies and the Zoozoos will sing it for you, users can use A,S,K and L keyboard keys to adjust and make your own carol songs with drums and other instruments. You can record the songs and send to your friends as a Christmas gift.

Vodafone Xmas Facebook Melody Application

Anuradha Aggarwal, Vice President- Brand Communication and Insights, Vodafone India, talks about this X’mas Melodies app, “Vodafone Zoozoos have spread cheer through their unique and quirky antics ever since they came into our lives. This special Zoozoo application has been designed to add to the festive fervor and let fans experience the Vodafone way of celebrating life with joy, fun and togetherness.  Our lovable Zoozoos will help you send personalized greetings to your friends and family across the world this Christmas. With the world going digital, we are confident that this application will be quite popular amongst the millions of Zoozoo and Vodafone fans on Facebook.

So turn your speaker’s up and enjoy the melodies from Vodafone.

LinkZoozoo X’mas Melodies app

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