Following the path of Airtel prepaid tariff hike, Vodafone and Idea has also raised their STD and Local tariffs for prepaid subscribers in some of its telecom circles.Vodafone has raised the tariffs in 12 of its telecom circle, on the other hand Idea hiked price in only 5 of its telecom circles.

Vodafone Increases Prepaid STD, SMS and Local tariffs

Vodafone, has increased the prepaid subscribers rates in 12 of its 22 telecom circles. STD tariff for Prepaid subscribers in UP east and west, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa and Kerala has been increased to about 1.5 paisa per second. In other telecom circles which include Delhi, Andhra, Chennai, Tamil Nadu call rates to other network and STD rates has been hiked to 1.2 paisa per second.

Idea Increases Prepaid STD,SMS and Local tariffs

On the other hand Idea cellular has hiked the rates for STD calls, SMS and call to other networks in 5 of its telecom circles including Kerala, Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab and Gujarat. The STD and call to other networks has been increased to 1.2 paisa per second and SMS charges for both STD and Local has been increased between Rs 1 to Rs 1.5.

Both the telecom operator Vodafone and Idea cellular has stooped the 1 paisa per second calling for STD and local calls made to other networks. No formal announcement has been made on this price hike by both the telecom operators. It seems the telecom operators are altogether hiking the call rates. Low call tariffs and intense competition in the telecom sector has caused the decrease in the profit for the telecom players. So we cant accept more price hike from most of the telecom operators throughout India in the coming months.

Do comment your views on this price hike by telecom operators.

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