Vodafone 123 " Ask US Anything" Service in India

Vodafone India, one of the top Indian telecom operator today announced Vodafone 123 ‘Ask us Anything‘ service, a unique voice based service that lets customers to get information on various value added services offered by Vodafone. Vodafone customers can dial 123(toll-free) to get this information and also choose to activate the range of value added services offered by Vodafone to suit once interest.

Vodafone 123 is a totally unique+ 24/7 concierge and information service available exclusively to Vodafone customers, as part of the unbelievable service provided by Vodafone. Vodafone customers can simply dial 123 from their mobile phone anywhere in India and choose the long list of any service offered by Vodafone, such as news, job alerts, astrology reports, sports, music, recipes, filmy gossip and more.

Speaking on the occasion , Anuradha Aggarwal, vice president — brand communication and insights, Vodafone India said, “Through Vodafone 123, we want to give our customers an opportunity to explore more offerings without any hassle. The Voice based 123 service is an easy journey into the world of information and entertainment. It will not only make life simpler but would also allow the consumer to use their mobile for much more than voice service”

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