Just after a year of releasing the 6 second video tweets service Vine for mobile devices by Twitter, it has made its way to desktop with full web view. The web version of Vine (Vine.co) offers users with a replica of most of the features on its mobile counterpart and in-addition brings web only specific enhancements.

Much like what you do on the Vine mobile apps, once logged-in to your Vine account, you can view your home feed, view and edit your profiles and like, comment, and share videos. You can visit other users’ Vine profiles to browse the videos they’ve created.

Vine makes its way to Web from Mobile with Profiles and TV Mode

In addition to all this Vine has added TV Mode on to the web version where users can view the whole collection of videos in sequence and in full screen mode. To activate the feature you just need to toggle the TV Mode button situated in the upper right corner of your feed or any profile.

But one negative point here is that you can’t create new Vine’s (the 6 second videos) using your desktop and upload it to the service. Obviously there is not much you can do with the web cam you have on your desktop.


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