Uninor will be Unitech Wireless’name in India. The brand will carry the philosophy of empowering customers by unleashing opportunities in their daily lives and by placing people – both customers and employees – first. The brand also unifies the global telecom expertise of the Telenor Group and the presence in and understanding of the Indian market of Unitech Ltd. in a common brand identity.

The brand will be driven by a set of four core values – Make it Easy; Be inspiring; Keep promises and Be respectful. The brand vision – We exist to help customers get the full benefit of communication services in their daily lives.

Uninor as the identity of Unitech Wireless’ in India emerged as an outcome of the collaboration between the company and its shareholders. The brand emerged as a clear choice that was distinctive in the market, a true representation of the organization, evocative of positive associations, memorable, easy to pronounce across regions and conducive to a bold visual identity.

“Uninor, as our brand, is much more than a name and a logo. It stands for a set of ideas and a way of doing business and, most importantly, a philosophy that puts people first. Our brand will be our commitment to connect people with opportunities in India,” said Stein-Erik Vellan, Managing Director,Unitech Wireless.

“Products and services you can understand, choose and use quickly and easily. No waste, no jargon, no complications. Exciting new ideas and new ways. Making what we say happen, on time and to the very best quality. Respect to every single customer as an individual first. Uninor will be one word for all of these. This will be our differentiator in the market, not just the brand, but what we will make it stand for,” said David Meneghello, Executive Vice-President, Marketing, Unitech Wireless.

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