The importance of having a Facebook page if you run a business or even a simply website or blog is no longer up for debate. With the amount of users browsing Facebook every day and the huge audience the latter offers, simply ignoring the potential offered by the world’s leading social network would indeed be a huge mistake. As such, all businesses are now quickly creating their own Facebook page and spending a lot of time getting users to like and interact with their page as often as possible.

However, one obstacle that often pops up once the business has successfully launched its Facebook page is how to earn quality Facebook Likes. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to Facebook is that there are in fact two categories of Likes. The first category is the quality Like, which is one that was obtained through clean methods and that indicates a user that actually likes that business or websites. Such likes are a formidable asset and should always be the ones you should target.

Quality Facebook Likes for Business

The second category concerns Facebook Likes that exist for the sole purpose of trying to game the system. These users will click the Like button on your Facebook page but will never actually bother visiting your page again and will thus never be aware of any updates that you post on your wall. These Likes are often obtained by signing up on Facebook Like exchange websites or by buying them. While these can sound great, the fact that these users never bother interacting with your page makes them a huge waste, especially if you are paying for these.

The good news is that these quality Facebook Likes are free. While you do need a proper strategy and time to earn them, the latter will last and will more importantly result in traffic to your website. However, businesses often adopt the wrong strategy to earn these likes. The most common strategy is thus to continue posting links to every page of his website. Unfortunately, this seldom results in more Likes since in most cases, people do not actually have an incentive to find out more about the page.

Importance of Quality Facebook Likes for  Business
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Obtaining Quality Facebook Likes instead of fakes ones is important for a couple of reasons. The first one, as already stated, is that people who have decided to like your Facebook page will be eager to feed your page against once you post something and this shows up on their feed. Their interest in what you post will be genuine and they will be more inclined to like your updates as well as leave comments on your wall, or participate in discussions.

The second advantage, and one that all business and website owners should be aware of, is that a “healthy” Facebook page plays a role in search engine optimization. As more people visit and interact with your page, this not only increases your brand reputation but also helps in increasing your website’s visibility. It has been proven that you get more exposure as more people like your content and share it. Consequently, you should always aim for these quality Facebook Likes.

This post was written by Ashvin of Surete Portuaire ACCESS Formation which provides Sensibilisation Portuaire courses in Reunion.

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