It’s been 8 long years since the 140 character text virtually conquered our daily social life. The microblogging platform, Twitter celebrates its 8th birthday by bringing in some of the nostalgic feeling back by allowing its users to find their first ever tweet.

Millions of prolific tweeters have made Twitter an exciting, fun and powerful place to connect with others. But each of you had to start somewhere: Today we’re taking a look at some choice first Tweets — first Tweets that sparked a conversation, used imagery to tell a story, or revealed unfiltered self expression” said Gabriel Stricker VP, Marketing & Communications, Twitter on official blog.

You can visit FirstTweet ( and enter your’s or any one’s Twitter handle (@username) to view the very first tweet made by them. Here some of the interesting ‘First Tweets’ from popular Indian personalities and companies.

One can also celebrate their first tweet by using the hashtag #FirstTweet. So what’s your first tweet?

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