Do you love the 160 charterer space for expressing your thoughts, then the day is for you. The Social Media giant Twitter is celebrating its 7th birthday on March 21, 2013, the day back in 2006 when Jack Dorsey sent out the first tweet saying “Just setting up my Twttr” and it all started.

Twitter has grown from a tool for personalized conversation to the ultimate new source. It has become a public place to hear the latest news, exchange ideas and connect with people all in real time. It helped to change the course of life by bringing revolution in Middle East, a medium for spreading viral news, a source for breaking news where common man turned to journalist.

Twitter turns 7, have 200 million active users making 400 million Tweets daily

With the celebration Twitter announced some statistics of it services. Twitter now has 200 million active users and they are creating over 400 million Tweets each day.

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